Segmented Tube End Forming Machines

Proto-1 segmented tube end forming machines are offered in standard sizing, auto indexing, and re-sizing. Our machines are equipped to handle tube and pipe sizes of 1.0” – 10.0”. Our ISM (Index Sizing Machine) product line has the capability to keep the tube and form concentric during the forming operation. Our I.O. sizing machine uses segmented tooling to help break material memory to prevent spring back which allows us to hold tighter tolerances.

Parts from our segmented endforming machines can handle many different applications such as tube end forming, tube reduction, tube expansion, beading, flaring, large bead, tube swaging and norma ball.

Our tooling is custom made per customer specifications to meet your needs. Proto-1’s tooling is designed for easy to change tooling, our goal is to make it easy for our customers to change between jobs.

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