Rotary Tube End Forming & Tube Cutoff

Proto-1’s rotary tube end forming and tube cutoff machines come in standard rotary, dual roller head, and single offset spinner options. With single and double head variations available to help meet your project needs. Our rotary end forming machines can manufacture tube and pipe anywhere from 0.50” – 18.0” in diameter.  Our lineup of rotary machines come in hydraulic, pneumatic, and electro-form versions. Proto-1’s in-house engineering staff can custom tailor our machines to manufacture your parts cost effectively. Our common principals help keep tooling consistent and simple to use. Our tooling is built to last and made for a repeatable process.

Our rotary machines specialize in tube cut-off. Our machines are the fastest on the market when it comes to tube cut-off. Our cut-off tooling will leave a chip-less cut improving your cycle time. Our cutoff technology can handle the toughest materials such as titanium and inconel. This technology is used in the aerospace industry but can help deliver faster cycle times to any industry.

Proto-1’s rotary end forming machines are a leader in the industry and are made right here in the U.S.A. Our focus is to deliver a quality machine that meets all your parts specifications in a short lead time.

Parts for our rotary endforming machines can handle many different applications such as but not limited to: tube end forming, trim and form, tube reducing, bending, swaging, slotting, hole punch, knurl, beading, flaring, notching, large bead, and norma ball.

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