What is a Proto-1 HydroRam®?

Our HydroRam® is an added feature to our standard Ram-40 and Ram-70 machines. This process is for smaller diameter parts in which conventional tube end forming machines will not yield desired results. This technology requires a set of clamps and a HydroRam® nose to create a tight seal to which allows pressure to form parts. Our Ram-70 with the HydroRam® upgrade can yield pressures up to 50,000 PSI.

This added feature on our Ram-40 or Ram-70 machines have a much smaller footprint compared to a conventional hydro-forming machine. Proto-1 has also designed this technology to give companies a cost-effective option to form tubing. Traditional hydro-forming machines have a much larger footprint and higher capital investment. This new technology will help transform the traditional hydro-forming industry by giving companies an alternative method to produce parts to meet their specifications.


Tooling Specifications:

Tube Diameter: Up to 1.5″
Tube Wall: .020″ -.083″
Ram-40 Max PSI: 20,000
Ram-70 Max PSI: 40,000
Custom pressure and diameters available upon request

Standard Features: 

FAST Technology