Tube Cutoff After Bend Final

At Proto-1 Manufacturing, one of our primary goals is to help educate those within the tube and pipe industry. Each month we will be releasing new content focused on educational topics within the tube and pipe industry. This month we will take a look at the different ways to cut-off

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With the cancellation of Fabtech 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Proto-1 Manufacturing decided to bring part of our Fabtech display to you virtually to showcase the capabilities of our various lines of tube end forming machines. Within this showcase, you will find a featured tube end forming machine from

PDM Digital Storage with Drawing

*For the sake of this article, all customer names have been removed from any pictured documentation* This year Proto-1 has been making strides to radically reduce the use of paper within the company. In the past, almost every aspect of our processes involved some form of paper with physically handing

Rotary End Form Tooling

Tube cut-off is the process of cutting a tube to length to be used for another application or process. There are many ways to cut-off tube and pipe, but the most used cutting method is typically completed by a band saw. Band saws are widely used after tube bending applications.

Tube Flange

Tube flaring can be found in many of the items that we use on a day to day basis. From automotive exhaust to plumbing and HVAC lines inside homes, tube flaring is used in conjunction to make these connections possible.   There are different ways to form tube flares depending upon the

Tube End Forming Machine Refurbishment

Tube End Forming Machine Refurbishment Proto-1 Manufacturing offers rebuild and refurbishment services to those who have well used Proto-1 equipment. Refurbishment is a cost-effective way to save capital while also updating your equipment to run for many years to come. Here is how our refurbishment/rebuild process works at Proto-1. Once

Rotary Flare End Form Tooling

Continuous Improvement: New Flare Tooling Design At Proto-1 we always strive to improve upon our processes and techniques. In a recent project, Proto-1 Manufacturing was tasked with a new challenge. A customer had approached Proto-1 to design a tube end forming solution that could produce 70°, short length, 0.065” wall,

Segmented Tube End Form

Tube expansions are used for a variety of applications in many of the objects we use on a day to day basis. From modes of transportation to the plumbing and HVAC in the buildings we walk in, expanded tubes are used everywhere. Expansions can vary from a slip fit for

Custom Jigs & Fixtures

Custom Jigs & Fixtures: Proto-1 specializes in designing and manufacturing custom made jigs and fixtures. Custom jigs and fixtures provide a range of benefits for a tube end forming project. A primary benefit of a fixture is proper loading. When working with bent parts, loading without a fixture can be

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The Marmon bead has become a commonplace tube end form throughout many areas within the tube and pipe industry. Today, this application can be seen daily from diesel particulate filter canisters (DPF) on heavy trucks to bi-cone exhaust connectors in the automotive industry. Our machines that we build at Proto-1

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