Controlling Lead Times

In early 2019, Proto-1 Manufacturing received its ISO 9001:2015 certification. Through our certification process, we were able to streamline and standardize our processes to increase efficiency, minimize errors, increase throughput, and improve quality.  Many of our processes regarding the creation of tube end forming solutions and equipment are completed in-house. Having this in-house capability allows Proto-1 full control of the project from inception to completion. In this month’s iteration of our newsletter, we will dive into our in-house processes, their role, and their benefits.

In-House Engineering

Once an order has been received for a tube end forming project, the project will go through our in-house mechanical and electrical engineering team. Information from the customer is first review by a senior mechanical or electrical engineer. Any similar info that compares to past projects is used as a foundation and any additional specifications will be added during the design process. Once the info has been culled and reviewed, it’s then handed off to a mechanical or electrical engineer for the design process. After the engineer has a concept completed, the concept will go through design review. Upon completion of the design review, the concept will then be finalized, and drawings will be drafted. Depending on the project and requirements, final designs and drawings are reviewed by Proto-1 and customer for a final design meeting.

In-House Manufacturing

Once a project is completed with design, Proto-1 has set up the ability to manufacture most items in-house. We have a full-service machine shop, heat treat, grinding, and more to ensure the project gets done effectively. We have a project management team that monitors all projects to ensure lead times are being met. We are in constant contact with our customers providing updates of their project. Once parts are done being manufactured, our quality team will 100% inspect the parts to quality them before assembly.


Once parts have been verified that they meet spec, our assembly department will complete any needed testing to prove capability. Whether it is a machine or tool, our experienced staff will complete any testing to meet project standards. With our in-house capabilities, if any changes need to be made, we can do so right away.

All our processes from concept to completion have been added to our ISO procedures to help ensure everything is done consistently each time. This has made our team stronger and has allowed Proto-1 as a company deliver not only a better product but a better service to our customers.

Proto-1 Company Update

During the these challenging times Proto-1 continues to serve our customer base in multiple industries. We are operating at full capacity and are ready to help you with your next project. We continue to take the necessary precautions so that we are able to deliver the best product possible. During this time we are still working on our continuous improvement plans. As a company we are working on improving our documentation process by converting it to a fully electronic process. Stay tuned for more updates on our electronic process.