Tube deburring can be done in many ways such as using a belt sander. This method poses many issues such as safety concerns and not producing a repeatable process. Proto-1’s deburring equipment and tooling was designed for better operator safety and a more repeatable process. One of the biggest issues when using a belt sander to deburr your tubing is perpendicularity. It is easy for an operator to deburr too much of one end of the tube with a belt sander.

Tube Deburr Tooling

Proto-1’s tube deburr tooling is easy to use for any operator. Our tooling can deburr ID, OD, or both at the same time. The tooling uses carbide cutters with either M2 or Carbide pins to help roll the burr’s off giving you a clean repeatable process each time. Our tooling is built for easy replacement of wear parts in the tooling to minimize downtime at your facility. Tooling is engineered to be diameter specific but can accommodate wall thickness range to help minimize the number of deburr tools needed.

Tube Deburring Machine Options

Proto-1 offer two machine options, RDM-8 and PDM-330. Our PDM-330 is engineered for smaller tube deburring and lighter gauge wall. The recommended use is tubing no larger than 2.0” in diameter and a max wall tube wall thickness of .083”. The PDM is a small portable unit that is easy to set up anywhere.

Our RDM-8 is made to deburr tubes up to 8” in diameter and can deburr solid rod as well. This machine was engineered to handle heavier wall tubing with larger diameters. This machine is also easy to maneuver around and has onboard tool storage. This machine can also have fixtures mounted onto it for any bent tubes and to meet any safety standards within companies. Tooling changeover in both machines can easily be accomplished in less than 3 minutes.

Make sure to check out the sample pictures and videos below on our tube deburring equipment and tooling. To learn more on how Proto-1 can improve your current process, contact us today! | 920-582-4491