ISM-6 | Featured Machine

***April is the last month to take advantage of our featured machine, ISM-6. Until the end of April you can receive a 10% discount.***

The ISM-6 is an indexing segment tube end forming machine for tube and pipe from 1.5 to 6 inches in diameter. Applications for the ISM-6 include Marmon beads, Norma Balls, Expansions, Reductions, and Flaring. Unlike our rotary and end ram end forming solutions, the ISM-6 clamps and holds the part in place with 4 jaws. Then, inner segments expand, retract, and index to form the material into the cavity of the jaws. This process of forming the material into the jaws creates an end form with better concentricity and tolerances compared to other methods of end forming. This capability makes the ISM-6 ideal for end forms such as Marmon beads where surface profiles are critical to the performance of the end form. The indexing feature of the segments ensures that material is evenly moved throughout the form and guarantees that parting lines won’t be formed into the material. To learn more about this machine, please watch the overview video below or check out its product page here.

ISM 6 View 2

Children’s Cancer Foundation

For the past three years, Proto-1 has partnered with the CCFF and the Big Heart Award for local children that have battled cancer and how they are making a difference in the community. A yearly gala is held and due to the COVID-19 the gala has gotten postponed. The Big Heart Awards are ready to be awarded but unfortunately it will be delayed until a later date. Check out the picture below of the completed awards.

Also, if you could help Proto-1 and CCFF and take some time to check out their website and how they are making a difference in our community for children that are battling cancer. Click here to visit their website!

Big Heart Award 2020 1