Featured Machine: ISM-6 (Through the End of April 2020)

The ISM-6 is an indexing segment tube end forming machine for tube and pipe from 1.5 to 6 inches in diameter. Applications for the ISM-6 include Marmon beads, Norma Balls, Expansions, Reductions, and Flaring. Unlike our rotary and end ram end forming solutions, the ISM-6 clamps and holds the part in place with 4 jaws. Then, inner segments expand, retract, and index to form the material into the cavity of the jaws. This process of forming the material into the jaws creates an end form with better concentricity and tolerances compared to other methods of end forming. This capability makes the ISM-6 ideal for end forms such as Marmon beads and Norma balls where surface profiles are critical to the performance of the end form. The indexing feature of the segments ensures that material is evenly moved throughout the form and guarantees that parting lines wont be formed into the material. During this quarter, the ISM-6 will be 10% off as the featured machine. To learn more about this machine, please watch the overview video below or check out its product page here.




Website Updates (Present & Future):

Proto-1 has always believed in educating our customers as best as we can from every aspect of what we do. A vast majority of that educational experience starts on our website. In the past few months, we have been making strides to provide a better user and educational experience on our website. These updates came in the form of newly introduced mini case studies for our past automation projects. These case studies provide a better background as to the problem that the current customer was having and the solution that Proto-1 was able to offer. Going forward, Proto-1 will be release more case studies to showcase the problems that have been brought to us and the solutions that we have been able to manufacture.

In addition to those case studies, Proto-1 has also released an update to our product galleries. The past galleries were outdated and didn’t provide enough visual info for our current and potential customers. Proto-1 has now implemented new galleries that showcase a 360° view of the machine as well as a few breakdown assemblies of the tooling and sample tubes. These galleries have been streamlined for desktop and mobile use to provide an easier user experience across all technological platforms. We hope these updates will provide a better experience for all. Any feedback related to the website is always welcome. In the future, Proto-1 will be releasing more content geared toward different aspects of the tube and pipe industry with the focus of providing more knowledge of a specific topic. Be on the look out for these new releases soon on our website and our social media platforms.

Website Updates

New Team Member:

Proto-1 recently added a new member to our team! Don Pacewicz has been hired to help in our Quality Control Department. Don will be assisting our other quality control technicians to verify our parts before they become our tube end forming products. Welcome to the team, Don!

New Employee