2019: A Year End Recap

ISO Certification:

This past year, Proto-1 proudly received its ISO 9001:2015 certification in March. Essentially, ISO 9001 is an international set of standards that specifies requires for a quality management system. These standards are then used to demonstrate the ability to consistently provide quality products and services that meet customer specifications and requirements. The 2015 revision of ISO 9001 covers a wide range processes that include requirements for a QMS (quality management system), responsibilities of management, resource management, product realization from design to delivery, and measurement and improvement of the QMS.

So what does an ISO certification mean for the future of Proto-1 and our customers? It will allow Proto-1 to provide an even more superior product to our customers. ISO 9001 allows Proto-1 to build a better program for continuous improvement to ensure we continue to provide the best technology for the tube and pipe industry to our customers. Since March we have been working to even better our ISO 9001 one system.

ISO 9001 2015 Cert

Machine Redesigns: TSM-6.0

Earlier in 2019, Proto-1 looked at improving an older version of the TSM-6.0 for an upcoming project. In the past, Proto-1 mainly offered a TSM-3.5 or a TSM-8.0. Proto-1 was approached by a current customer within the automotive/heavy truck industry with the task of expanding and slotting 4 to 6 inch tubing. While the TSM-8.0 could end form tubes up to 8.0 inches in diameter, the customer didn’t need that amount of capability. Proto-1 saw an opportunity to improve upon an older design of the TSM-6.0 that would end form tubes up to 6 inches in diameter.

As a result, a double head version of the  TSM-6.0 was created. The double head variant allows the machine to have two tools installed both running independently of each other. This capability increases efficiency without having to change over to another tool for parts that require another process. The current TSM-6.0 in production will be tasked with expanding 4 to 6 inch tubing followed by a slotting operation for exhaust components within the heavy truck industry.

TSM 6.0D Render


Machine Redesigns: TSM-8.0

In mid 2019, our engineering team revisited the TSM-8.0 for a customer within the heavy truck industry. Product improvement is critical for our company to ensure our machines can manufacture parts for our customers. Our engineers reviewed the past machine and changing customer standards to ensure that the updated machine would be able to meet and exceed our customers expectations. Improved hydraulics, a bigger cylinder, and improved tooling design were implemented to the new version of the TSM-8.0. Design changes to the tooling we made to accommodate for slotting up to 8″ in diameter. Having this capability allows the end user to change tools rather than having another machine for the process, thus increasing efficiency while saving costs.

TSM 8.0Render


Machine Redesigns: RAM-40

Through internal and customer provided feedback, Proto-1 revisited the RAM-40 for additional updates in 2019. The machine frame itself was extended to provide additional end forming area. Coupled with the frame changes was an updated ram cylinder that provided 16″ of stroke compared to the previous 14″. The previous hydraulic system was swapped out for a new system that increased cycle times by 20% depending upon the material and end form. A Keyence weld seam detection camera was added for increased accuracy and quality.


RAM 40 Render



Featured Machine: SRM-336

This month we will be featuring the SRM-336. The SRM-336 is single ram tube end forming machine for tube and pipe up to 3 inches in diameter and 36 inches in length. The SRM is capable of many forming applications such as reducing, knurling, bead upsetting, resizing, splines, louver slotting, and more. During this time, we will be running a 10% discount on the current featured machine till the end of January. Click the overview video below to learn more about the SRM-336!


SRM 336 Render


Community Involvement: CCFF Big Heart Award

Proto-1 Manufacturing is proud to announce that we will be partnering with the Children’s Cancer Family Foundation of the Fox Valley for the 3rd year in a row. Each year, CCFF hosts the Gold Ribbon Gala to raise money for families battling pediatric cancer. During the gala, 3 kids are awarded the Big Heart Award along with a $1000 to assist their efforts to help kids and families battling cancer. Proto-1 Manufacturing will be manufacturing and donating the awards for the 2020 gala. To learn more about the CCFF, their efforts, and to possibly donate please go to this link. Every dollar donated goes to local families battling pediatric cancer.

Big Heart Award 2019