2019 FABTECH Preview

One of the largest manufacturing trade shows is taking place within a few weeks in Chicago. Fabtech 2019 is from November 11th to November 14th. This show is a chance for manufacturing companies to display what they offer to keep progressing American manufacturing forward. Proto-1 is excited to be displaying our machines and capabilities this year in booth D46565. Below we will highlight a few areas that will be on display during the show.

Re-Designed RAM-40

Proto-1 is excited to announce the the re-design of the RAM-40 machine. We added extra stroke for more forming capability and improved hydraulics for faster speeds. A six hit progressive fuel funnel tool can have up to a 20% faster cycle time. This is dependent on the form of the part and material to how much faster the cycle time can be on our new machine.

This machine will be running a progressive forming tool (featured below) at Fabtech and everyone will be able to experience first hand the new features of this machine.

Ram Tube Forming

Expanded Capability of RFM-6

This year in our RFM-6D we will be displaying a Cam Attachment and Orbital Attachment on our machine. These attachments allow for the forming of smaller parts on the RFM-6. The standard machine is recommended to not have a smaller diameter than 1.5″. With these attachments, you are able to form parts as small as 5/8″.

We will be displaying an SAE Beading tool and 90 Degree Flange tool in the attachments this year.

Rotary Tube forming Cam Attachment Tool

Rotary Tube forming Orbital Attachment Tool

FABTECH Tickets 

If you are in need of tickets this year to the show, please click the picture below to register. Please make sure to stop by Proto-1’s booth located at D46565.

Fabtech Final