Tube End Forming: RAM Forming Lubricants

Over the 21 years that Proto-1 has been in business, we have formed a wide range of tube end forms. Many tube end forming processes require the use of a lubricant to aid with cycle times, tolerances, and efficiencies. When it comes to complex RAM end forms, such as progressive fuel funnels, the use of a lubricant is almost necessary to produce a form that will meet the required tolerances. The use of a lubricant can also extend the life of the tooling as well. Coating the tooling with a lubricant creates a film which reduces the wear between the tooling, the tube, and the dies. Majority of the lubricants we use are recommended by our customers. A few examples of what our customer’s recommend are below and how we use them in our Ram forming process. 

At Proto-1, we use a variety of lubricants recommended by our customers  based on their internal specs for different RAM end forming applications. We will breakdown each lubricant that we use and explain the benefits and reasons why we do so.  

  • Blue Form 4250 – Blue From 4250 is a multi purpose, water based, synthetic forming fluid. This lubricant can be used on ferrous and non-ferrous materials, making it a very versatile. Since Blue Form is chlorine-free, the material can be used in post welding operations without hazard concerns. Typically, we use this lubricant for progressive fuel funnels composed of mild steel. With a fluid concentration of 15-20%, this lubricant aides our RAM machine during the end forming process. In some cases, running without a lubricant can result in damaged end forms depending upon the material type and end form.
  • MasterDraw 830RP – MasterDraw 830RP is a multi purpose lubricant that can be used neat or cut back with water. This lubricant contains pressure additives as well as a ferrous corrosion inhibitor. Unlike Blue Form 4250, MasterDraw 830 contains chlorine and sulfur. The extreme pressure additives allow the lubricant to be used at lower concentrations and provides better longevity. For our end forming purposes at Proto-1 we use a mix of 10% oil to 90% water for the best results.
  • Pro-Form 858 – Pro-Form 858 is a heavy duty, oil based metalforming lubricant for both steel and aluminum. This lubricant aides with operations like punching, notching, expanding, and reduction. While it can be used as is, we prefer to cut this lubricant with 50% water to 50% oil for better end forming results. Pro-Form will not stain aluminum like other forming lubricants.

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