Skilled Trades

Now more than ever it is key for manufacturing companies to plan for future workforce needs. A few years after Proto-1 started in business, our company was involved in touring fifth grades classes around our facility to expose them to the manufacturing trade. We have continued to do this throughout the years and have seen great success with starting at a young age of fifth grade. 

From the first class we toured through our facility we had a handful of them working at Proto-1. Whether it was in engineering or a skilled position on our manufacturing floor. Our goal is to expose them to countless opportunities of what their future could look like. 

New At Proto-1

This month we completed a new machine that we redesigned. Our TSM-8 went through a mechanical and electrical upgrade. Product improvement is critical for our company to ensure our machines can manufacture parts for our customers. 

Our engineers review the current machine and changing customer standards to ensure that the updated machine will be able to meet and exceed our customers expectations. In the month of July another redesigned machine will be completed. Stay tuned for further details. 

Please take some time to see pictures and video below. 

TSM 8.0 2.375 to 2.11 Reduction Tooling Thumbnail

ISO Certified

Just as a reminder, Proto-1 Manufacturing is no an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. We completed our stage 2 audit earlier this year. With this certification we are helping to ensure the best experience for our customers. As a company we focused on our process and how we could improve them to deliver a better experience. 

ISO 9001 2015 Cert

Virtual Tour

Make sure to check out our latest production! Click the picture below to see our virtual tour! 

Virtual Tour Thumbnail