2018 Year End Review

Welcome to 2019! From all of us at Proto-1,we would like to thank you for your business. With our continued partnerships with new and existing customers, we were able to have our largest sales year in the history of Proto-1. This coming year we are even more focused on bringing the best equipment and technology to the tube and pipe industry to help all of your needs. Stay tuned throughout 2019 on new products and technology from Proto-1!


New Product Development

In 2018, Proto-1 received its registered trademark for our HydroRAM® technology! This technology is a newly developed tool set that turns our standard RAM-40 or 70 into a hydro forming machine for abstract shapes and endforms. Unlike traditional hydro forming methods, this tool set is able to provide hydro forming in a smaller footprint and capital investment.

2018 also marked the launch of the Smart Bend™, a new exhaust alternative for custom applications. Manufactured with 409 stainless steel, the Smart Bend™ is ideal for transition joints from the headers to the tail pipe for 2.50″ exhaust applications. Check out the video to see the Smart Bend™ transform into a custom joint.


Machine Advancements

2018 saw the introduction of a new version of our indexing segment end forming machine (ISM-6). We not only strive to design new machines, but to also upgrade and improve our current product lines as well. This new version saw new applications that were not available on the previous such as rerounding and the potential for I/O forming as a result of the added servo controlled outer jaws. By adding these additional upgrades and listening to internal and customer feedback, we aim to provide our customers with new and refined solutions.  


Tooling Advancements

We also undertook a variety of projects that required the implementation of multiple operations within one tool. Our multiple operation capabilities extend to our various product lines like rotary and ram end forming. An automotive company gave Proto-1 the opportunity to implement a wide range of features in the end forming of a fuel funnel. 

This automotive customer required a ram end-forming process to produce a fuel funnel that required trimming and punching. Our pinch trim technology was utilized in the tool while a punching die was added to tooling die cavities. To ensure that the process was accurate and repeatable, a weld seam detection camera followed by scrap detection for both the pinch trim and the punch were added. The video below highlights these features in action! 



2018 Community Involvement

Proto-1 believes in giving back to our local community. Looking back on 2018, we appreciate all the opportunities we had to give back to the local community. We are eager for additional opportunities in 2019. To see all of Proto-1’s community involvement, please visit our community involvement page!


Virtual Tour

Make sure to check out our latest production! Click the picture below to see our virtual tour!