Expanded Machine Shop Capacity

In the month of July, Proto-1 added to its machine shop capacity by adding a brand new Doosan PUMA GT3100L. This new lathe will be able to machine larger parts and improve on our throughput of the shop and to also shorten lead times for our customers. It is our goal to provide our machinist’s with the latest technology in CNC machining to give them the tools needed to succeed. Proto-1 specializes in manufacturing tube end forming machines but what many do not see is how our in-house machine shops plays a large role in manufacturing our machines. Check out the pictures below of our new Dossan PUMA GT3100L. 


HydroRam Technology 

Proto-1 has always put an emphasis on new technology in the tube and pipe industry and our team here has been working diligently on our new process we call HydroRam. In the month of July, we have been awarded a registered trade mark on this process with patent pending.

What is a Proto-1 HydroRam?

Our HydroRam is an added feature to our standard Ram-40 and Ram-70 machines. The HydroRam process is a tool set that can transform any RAM-40 or RAM-70 into a hydro former with a simple tool change over. This process is for smaller diameter or irregular shaped parts in which conventional tube end forming machines will not yield desired results. This technology requires a set of clamps and a HydroRam nose to create a tight seal to which allows pressure to form parts. Our Ram-70 with the HydroRam upgrade can yield pressures up to 50,000 PSI.

This added feature on our Ram-40 or Ram-70 machines have a much smaller footprint compared to a conventional hydro-forming machine. Proto-1 has also designed this technology to give companies a cost-effective option to form tubing. Traditional hydro-forming machines have a much larger footprint and higher capital investment. This new technology will help transform the traditional hydro-forming industry by giving companies an alternative method to produce parts to meet their specifications.



Manufacturing In Focus
Recently Proto-1 was featured in the July issue of Manufacturing in Focus. The article focused on technology in the tube and pipe industry and how Proto-1 plans to stay ahead of the curve in the industry. As a company we strive for continuous improvement to help progress the industry. To check out the feature on Proto-1 click on the picture below.

Virtual Tour
Make sure to check out our latest production! Click the picture below to see our virtual tour!