Cell Integration

Production efficiency is a key KPI of many manufacturing plants today. A way to achieve higher efficiency is to integrate cells into an manufacturing operation. Manufacturing cells allow for a higher throughput of product. The automotive industry is a high quantity demand industry that relies on many companies to be effective with their manufacturing processes. More companies are moving towards manufacturing cells to have multiple machines producing a product so that demand can be met.

Cells can be designed in many ways such as manual load operations or fully automated cells. The request for fully automated cells highly depends on demand for a certain project. Fully automated cells require more programming and design time but can yield higher quantities once design and programming is complete.

Serration Tool Technology

Tooling technology in the tube and pipe industry is constantly evolving to improve on end forming applications. A serration on a tube is needed to help create a seal surface for the mating hose. If the serrations do not have complete coverage of the tube the seal will not be as effective. Old tooling would leave gaps in the serration thus not allowing the mating hose to seal correctly.

With new tooling technology in today’s industry, rotary end forming machines can manufacture a complete serration around the entire tube that will create a better seal.

Company Outing

Proto-1 for the past years hosts a company camping trip for any employee that wish to attend. We encourage our employees to be actively involved with our company get together’s.

Proto-1 is still a family own company and we like to continue our family culture that we have within our company.

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