Tube End Forming Tooling

Tube end form tooling is a critical part to forming any tube in a process. Proto-1 has in-house mechanical engineers that design tooling to meet any project specifications. Tooling can be as simple as a single bead and as complex as a double bead, knurl, and groove tool combined into one operation. The goal of when designing tools for Proto-1 is to combine as many applications into one tool to help increase production and efficiency.

In the automotive industry, the majority of parts require high volume production runs. This is taken into account when our engineers are designing tooling to make sure the tool is built to last and is made for a repeatable process.

All of our tooling is built in the latest version of SolidWorks. This program give engineers the tools they need to effective design a successful tool. Complex tools can take engineers weeks to design and qualify.

Machined Components from Small to Large Sizes

In our tube end forming machines it takes a large amount of designing and manufacturing. After designs are released by our engineering department, it enters a state-of-the-art machine shop. Proto-1’s machine shop is equipped with CNC machining centers that can machine parts as small as 1/4” diameter up to 80″ long and 11,000 pounds. Most of our tooling requires tight tolerances that can only be met with the latest CNC machining technology and machinists.

Proto-1’s machine shop differs from many as all of our machinist’s are able to program (MasterCAM) and run their machines. We take this approach to lower our overhead cost and to better train our machinists for future needs.

Local School Tours

Early in May Proto-1 hosted tours from the local elementary school. The purpose was to expose the 5th grade kids to a manufacturing environment to spark their interest for a potential future career. During the tour we displayed our facility and even let a few of the kids run some of the machines so that they understood the type of equipment Proto-1 manufactures. We enjoy doing this event every year and we are thankful for the opportunity.


Virtual Tour

Make sure to check out our latest production! Click the picture below to see our virtual tour!