Offset Expanding

Filling up your car with gas seems like a simple process but in reality it takes a lot of engineering to be able to quickly fill up a gas tank. Many car manufacturers today are moving towards a cap-less gas tank design. In order for this design to work the fuel funnel tube must have an off center expansion in order to work properly.

When expanding any tubes with an offset expand, the main potential problem that needs to be address is the weld seem splitting. To avoid this from happening, the weld seem needs to be on the opposite side from the main areas of expansion. If the operator fails to make sure the weld seem is in the right location, the tube is at a very high risk of splitting. Offset expanding has given car manufactures added design capabilities within cars today which has made it even easier on consumers to fill up their cars.

Large Bead Technology

In order to form a larger bead commonly known as Marmon Beads, you need a machine that will form the bead without thinning the tube wall thicknesses too much. Using a rotary spinning method will result in a form that will not meet specifications. Segmented tube end forming technology has greatly advanced the manufacturing method of producing Marmon Beads. Segmented technology takes a similar approach to a regular sizing machine but will have minimal wall thinning compared to a rotary method. Using this method will also keep the concentricity of the tube by having jaws that clamp on the raw tube.

Our segmented tube end forming technology can manufacture Marmon Beads on any tubes from 1.5″ to 16″. This type of tube forming application is most commonly used in the heavy truck industry. Using segmented technology to manufacture this type of application has had a significant impact on this industry. Check out some of the videos below to see how a segmented tube end forming machine manufactures large beads.

Community Involvement

Proto-1 firmly believes in giving back to the community that helps and supports small businesses. Our community involvement starts with our leadership and owners John and Valerie Schwochert. To display some of our past involvements within the community, we recently launched a new page on our website. It highlights some of our past involvements. Please take a chance to see how Proto-1 gives back to its local community.

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