Made In Wisconsin
We are proud to announce that during the month of January we were approved for the “Made In Wisconsin” program through the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation. Proto-1 is now part of a network of over 600 businesses united by one brand and goal; to show that our products are proudly “Made In Wisconsin”. Every Proto-1 machine is designed, engineered, manufactured, built, and made in Wisconsin. Proto-1 has been proudly producing machines in the state of Wisconsin for the past 20 years and we are honored to be apart of this program.

Custom Automation
Integrating automation can vastly improve the productivity and repeatability of your machine or work cell. Here at Proto-1, we can automate any project from standard machines to large custom projects. Automation not only provides a boost in productivity, but it can be a cost effective way to increase ROI and operator safety. Automation and robotics decreases the time the operator spends handling a part which then correlates into less hands on involvement, additional safety, and increased machine up time. The featured pictures down below represent a few of our past automation projects from standard machines to large custom builds. Check out each video to learn more on how automation can benefit a manufacturing process.

Stay Connected
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Virtual Tour

If you have not had time to visit our plant in person, please take some time to check out our virtual tour to learn more about Proto-1!

What’s New at Proto-1

Whenever we can, Proto-1 likes to take the opportunity to give back to the community. This is a value that stems from the owner of Proto-1, John Schwochert. We are happy to announce that we are working with the Children’s Cancer Family Foundation to design and manufacture awards for their upcoming Gold Ribbon Gala on March 7th. The CCFF works to provide financial assistance and strength and support to local families that are battling pediatric cancer. The Big Heart Award that we will be making will be given to 3 local youths, along with $1000, for their continual effort to support those who are affected by pediatric cancer. For more information about the CCFF visit their website