2017 Year End Achievements 

Welcome to 2018! We would like to take some time to review some of our biggest accomplishments in 2017. Last year marked our 20th year in business and we are proud to display a few of our biggest accomplishments achieved as a company

FAST Technology
What is FAST Technology? FAST stands for forming, application, storage, and technology. FAST Technology is important because it can help increase tool longevity and machine life. These added features to the machines help improve diagnostics. Troubleshooting is made easier by the stored data and live data graphs right on the machine PLC. Click any of the pictures below to learn more.

This was a newly designed machine this past year based off of another model, the SRB-1000. The new concept with this machine is that is can form parts in both a vertical and horizontal position. Compared to our other machines, this machine provides extra capability and flexibility during the manufacturing process. This machine was on display at Fabtech 2017 and was featured as a new product.


Proto-1 has been designing and further testing our Hydro Ram. In 2017 we achieved a new accomplishment of reaching 50,000 PSI with our Hydro Ram Technology. This process is currently patent pending and we are excited to continue the advancement this technology in 2018!

2018 Preview

Fabtech 2018: It is never too early to start planning for Fabtech and Proto-1 will be exhibiting in Atlanta this year booth C10474. The show runs from Nov 6-8. Stay tuned throughout the year to learn more on what new products we will be exhibiting this year!Our entire team at Proto-1 looks forward to the new year and being able to serve your needs. Stay tuned throughout the year on new products and technology from Proto-1


Virtual Tour

Make sure to check out our latest production! Click the picture below to see our virtual tour!

Happening At Proto-1

Proto-1 recently purchased a drone to produce our virtual tour video. While the drone was used for marketing purposes, it has also been a fun addition to the tools here at Proto-1!