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Welcome to Proto-1 Manufacturing, LLC

 Providing Automated Tube End Forming

Machines that Serve Multiple Manufacturing Industries 

Proto-1 Manufacturing has been helping companies improve manufacturing processes since 1997. Our company specializes in manufacturing custom tube end forming solutions for the tube and pipe industry. Whether you need one of our standard tube end forming machines with a custom tool or a fully custom automated machine to meet your tube manufacturing needs, we are your one stop solution. By serving multiple segments our team of manufacturing engineers have the knowledge to meet your tube end-forming project needs. All our tube end forming machines and tooling are manufactured in the U.S.A.

Our full line up of  ram tube forming, rotary tube forming, segmented tube forming, and tube deburring machines are built with quality that will last and will meet your manufacturing needs. Each standard machine we offer does have the capability to be customized to meet your needs with our in-house mechanical and electrical manufacturing engineering staff. We have the ability to fully automate your tube end forming machine with our experienced staff.

With each machine, our engineering staff will also design a production tool to meet part specifications. Our team will take the time to learn your manufactured product and suggest the most cost effective and efficient way to produce your product. We also have the ability to build prototype tooling before finalizing a production concept.

If your product consists of anything that involves a tube or pipe, challenge us to design and manufacture a machine and production tool that will increase your efficiency and cost savings.


“New Technology for the Tube & Pipe Industry”