20 ton 2 position ram end forming machine for tube and pipe from 0.125″- 2.0″ diameter. Ram-20 has tube cut-off capability for after bend.  Proto-1’s tube cut-off technology is industry leading and allows for a quick cut-off resulting in no burr’s.

Proto-1’s RAM-20 End Form Applications: offset expands, coping, piercing, trim/form, tube reducing, bending, swaging, spline, slotting, hole punch, beading, flaring, notching, and large bead.



  • Tube Diameter: 0.125″ – 2.0″
  • Tube Wall: 0.020″ – 0.083″
  • Cycle Time: 8-15 seconds depending on end form and material type
  • Hydraulic Cylinders Clamp (20 ton vertical with 4″ bore and 2″ stroke)
  • Hydraulic Cylinders Ram (20 ton horizontal with 4″ bore and 2″ stroke)
  • Tooling Shuttle Bar: 2 position ram shuttle
  • Dimensions: 60.0″ length x 29.3″ width x 91.4″ height

Standard Features

  • Warranty: One year from date of purchase
  • Voltage: Standard (480v/60hz/3phase)
  • Controls: Allen Bradley PLC
  • Operational Screen: Allen Bradley HMI Touchscreen
  • Oil Tank: 35 gallons
  • Hydraulic Oil Cooling: Fan air cooled system
  • Part/Tooling Cooling: Flood cooling system w/ drip pan
  • Paint Color: Proto-1 blue
  • Cycle Start: Finger switch

Safety Features

  • Light curtains
  • E-stop on the swing arm
  • Pneumatic lockout point
  • Electric lockout point


  • UL or CUL certifications can be added for additional cost
  • Other power options are available and can be quoted
  • Custom control available upon request and can be quoted
  • Custom designed fixtures for tubing
  • Water cooling available upon request
  • Custom safety features available upon request
  • Custom paint available upon request