We CAN be Your Best Kept Secret

You will find us to be "different by design." We custom make our own equipment. Our expert-driven in-house engineering staff will design and build for longevity, which will deliver quality parts to meet and exceed our customers needs. You know us by our distinctive color: Proto-1 Blue. You see this shade of blue and know you are getting a competitive advantage with a rock-solid machine.

Proto-1 machines offer an integrated and complete package.We design and build our tube deburring end-forming and cut-off machines to combine processes so you can eliminate the need for more than one piece of equipment. The heavy-duty construction of our machines is designed for both large or small production runs. Our machines are designed to meet large and small company needs. We design with quick tooling in mind. Best of all, you are buying machines made in the U.S.A.

What other benefits do you get with our machines?

  • Improvement in your product quality
  • Better return on investment (ROI)
  • Healthier profit margins
  • Smaller footprint with one machine

Companies in aerospace, agriculture, automotive energy, fluid transfer, food, heavy truck, marine, furniture, military and recreation have come to know the benefits of a Proto-1 machine. We can engineer a solution for any industry with tubes or pipes. We build solutions for today with the ability to retool tomorrow. Give us a chance to show you the Proto-1 Difference.

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