New Products

Hydro Ram

Proto-1 has developed a new way to form your future. Our HydroRAM technology can be added on to our existing Ram End Forming machines. Proto-1 also has the capability to build a custom Hydro Forming  machine to fit your project needs. This technology can help reduce your cycle time and improve your current process. To learn more about our HydroRAM technology contact us today. Our HydroRAM can form parts up to 40,000 PSI and up to 3" in diameter.

DRR-15 (Dual Roller Rotary End Forming Machine)

Proto-1 is proud to announce the new development of our DRR-15 Tube End Forming Machine. The machine can accommodate diameters of 1.0" - 15.0". This machine has the capability of forming short rings to long tubes up to 20 ft long. We created cost effective tooling which in some cases will only require 2 rollers to form an application. The machine can form multiple end applications such as hose beads, flares, marmon beads, victaulic grooves, and inverted beads. This machine is electric and air controlled with servo positioning. It will be on display at our booth at Fabtech 2017.