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     Leading the industry in tube end forming, cutoff, and deburring

                 New Technology for the Tube and Pipe Industry

Looking for a competitive advantage and rock-solid machines?  Proto-1 Manufacturing delivers innovative solutions that increase your productivity while improving your bottom line.  Custom-made, quality machines and parts at competitive prices is our promise to you. Proto-1 has a global customer footprint, and our machines are made in the U.S.A.

Proto-1 Manufacturing delivers high quality ram end forming, rotary end forming, segmented end forming and custom automation end forming machines. Our ram, rotary, and segmented end forming machines are designed and built to meet your project needs. Our rotary end forming machines also offer the fastest tube cutoff process on the market today. Our rotary tube cutoff technology delivers a clean burr free cut making for more efficient processes.

If you manufacture anything with a tube or pipe, or have a concept you need help with, challenge us to design a tube deburring, endforming or cutoff machine that can do it better and yield cost saving opportunities.